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Technique Series #1
Focus on the Egyptian Walk with
Cathryn McCormack

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When choreographing, focus on great performance, not great complexity.


In my many years of learning, teaching and performing belly dance, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to learn from many of Australia’s best teachers.

My goal now is to bring to you the expertise of those teachers by way of a series of DVDs, so that no matter where you are, you can enjoy the same quality of instruction I have. 

The series is aimed at professionals, teachers and students of belly dance who have a desire to learn the disciplines that will take you from being a novice to good, dancer or teacher, to becoming a great dancer or teacher.

Each BellyDance Focus DVD will feature a nationally recognised Australian teacher instructing in an area of their expertise. In this way you will encounter a variety of techniques and approaches combined with the highest quality of instruction. On each DVD you can choose whether to participate in the full class, with explanations of every movement, or run a shorter practice session.

Under each product you can get a copy of the teacher’s bio, and follow a link to their own website. The DVDs will be categorised into five series: Beginners Series, Technique Series, Style Series, Performance Series and the Reference Series.

In the members page, when you can register your purchase using the personal membership key provided in the box, you can access the discussion board to ask questions and get answers directly from the teacher, and obtain downloads of info sheets including a written version of the choreography.

Cathryn McCormack

Educational Director

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